magic esthetic


At Puerta de Alcalá Dental Clinic we propose dental aesthetics as something innovative and artistic, which requires planning and safety for the patient. To do this we put into practice techniques such as DSD (smile design), which consists in carrying out a previous photographic study of the patient, which is sent to a laboratory specialized in aesthetics and that works with this technique. Next, a photographic simulation of the possible final result is designed, allowing the patient to visualize and choose their ideal tooth design before starting the treatment. Both the patient and the doctor can previously decide the size, shape and color of the ceramic restorations to choose.


In Puerta de Alcalá Dental Clinic we put into practice a technique that consists of making molds of the mouth of the patient, which are sent to an aesthetic laboratory that will design your new teeth on the models. From these, transparent resin splints will be built on them that would allow the doctor to place them in the mouth of the patient with a special resin, that will show the final possible outcome of the esthetic treatment. This allows the patient to visualize the new teeth and to propose any changes before starting the final treatment.