Veneers Natural Ceramic

Latest technology in veneers 

-Ultrafine VeneersUltrafine veneers, synonymous with high aesthetics when it comes to radical changes of the smile, such as tooth alignment and changes in size and color. Due to their thin structure, it is not necessary to make any aggressive preparation of the tooth and in many cases, preparation is not necessary at all.

-Ceramic Crowns, free from metals, indicated for reconstructing teeth with a lot of wear, increasing the size of the teeth or changing the color of the teeth.

-Inlays-Onlays, made of high resistance ceramic, ideal for changing of old fillings, as a treatment for endodontic teeth, reconstruction of teeth worn out by a bad bite or bruxism. Another of its advantages is that it requires a minimum dental preparation, since it is fitted where there is tooth structure missing and has got the same color as the natural tooth.

Do you want that we design your smile using the latest technology? In Puerta de Alcalá Dental Clinic we have the smile design program “Smile Me”, in less than 1 hour you can see how your smile will look with our treatment.