Zygomatic Implants

implantes zigomaticos precioZygomatic implants is the fastest and most efficient solution for patients with a maxillary bone loss.

When can we use zygomatic implants?

Many patients that have been losing teeth during a long period of time experience bone loss. This is also known as bone atrophy and in severe cases does not leave any bone structure for implant placement.

Bone atrophy can make it necessary to realize a bone graft or zygomatic implants.

Difference between zygomatic implants and bone graft 

Conventional zygomatic implants are differentiated from the conventional ones because they support the zygomatic bone and because they show differences in size, diameter and angulations. The most important differences between the zygomatic implants and the conventional ones are:

  • The treatment time, if a bone graft is placed, it is necessary to wait between 4-6 months before placing dental implants while with the zygomatic implants it is not necessary to wait any period of time, the same day it is possible to place a provisional prosthesis and in one week the definitive one.
  • Bone grafts reconstruct the anatomy of the patient, the bone and gums.

implantes zigomáticos

Advantages of zygomatic implants

Zygomatic titanium implants are ideal to solve the lack of premolars and molars in the maxilla. It is a technique of choice both to place titanium dental implants and crowns or dental shells on implants in a single session, more or less in a morning or afternoon.