Periodontal diseases and microbiological analysis

Specialty in Dentistry that studies the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the gums and bone that support the teeth. Periodontal diseases may occur due to inflammation, bleeding, increased tooth sensitivity, receding gums and bad mouth odor. If these types of pathologies persist for a longer period of time they can produce irreversible lesions in the gums and bone, as well as dental mobility, the appearance of black holes or spaces between the teeth and the appearance of long teeth. As a final result, the teeth are lost. At Puerta de Alcalá Clínica Dental we carry out bacterial studies of the patient’s gums in order to treat and eliminate bacterial strains responsible for periodontal diseases (pyorrhea).

Gingival smiles

If you think that when you smile, you show a lot of gum, it can be due to an excess of gum, an upper jaw in an inadequate position, short lip … etc. In most cases in order to correct it, only a simple intervention is required. It consists of removing the excess soft tissue that covers the tooth, and in this way improving the aesthetic appearance.

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                                                     VIDEO “PERIODONTAL DISEASE OF THE LOWER MAXILLA”