In Puerta de Alcalá Dental Clinic we put special interest in dental prostheses, since a high number of patients have problems in their teeth or have an old dental prosthesis, which may cause discomfort, diseases in teeth, in gums, in bone, aesthetic problems, excessive mobility of poorly adjusted dental prosthesis, difficulty speaking … etc.

Currently, at Puerta de Alcalá Dental Clinic, your dentist in Madrid center, we use the latest techniques and advances in dental prosthesis development, such as the Cerec system, which allows the manufacture of ceramic teeth free of metals, with a greater accuracy of adjustments, both on natural teeth and in implants. Aesthetics are also better, making them look like natural teeth.

When talking about dental implants, we make aesthetic ceramic crowns, on zirconium pillars, giving a great naturalness and aesthetics. We also work with resin prostheses anchored to implants with a sophisticated system that allows a great fixation and security to speak and eating, avoiding the mobility of the prosthesis.